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Welcome to the KIMRC On-Line Ordering System 2019

Textbooks, Recreational Reading Books, and Equipment are the only materials that can be submitted through the KIMRC On-Line Ordering System at this time.

Students must be registered and have a current eye report on file with KIMRC before a request can be submitted.

The KIMRC On-Line Ordering System is restricted to Directors of Special Education and Teachers of the Visually Impaired. Teachers of the Visually Impaired must have approval from their Director of Special Education before submitting a request to KIMRC. If you are a private school or agency, the principal or head of the agency may submit a request.

To access the KIMRC On-Line Ordering System you must login with your User Name and Password. To request a user name and password, click the REQUEST button to the left.

Forgot your User Name or Password? Click the REQUEST PASS button. All orders require a Student ID number to be entered. Be sure you have this number before starting an order. Please contact KIMRC or click here to send an email to request a Student ID number.

To get more information about the KIMRC On-Line Ordering System, select HELP/FAQ.

Thank You